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LED Cube for rent in Europe

Immersive LED Cube Video Wall: Transform your content with 3D brilliance on a LED cube rental display

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Why Choose a LED Cube ?

Impressive Visual Technology

The LED Cube rental, with its 4, 5 or 6 sides, it offers a surprising 3D effect, that catches the eye. You can choose from different custom sizes to perfectly fit your needs.

Easy Diffusion Methods

Controlling the content to stream is also simple, you can use
Wi-Fi, a USB stick or even HDMI cabling to control your LED Cube.

Versatile Product

The LED Cube finds its place in many places, from shopping centers to restaurants, including exhibitions, outdoors and many others... It is also ideal for lighting effects in clubs and on stage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of an LED cube rental?

  • LED Cubes provide High-resolution images that can impress an audience and ensure a premium look for any kind of event

  • LED Cubes can help you in customizing your event to  specific spaces or designs

  • LED Cubes impress with their size and brightness to bring the message to your audience in a dynamic way

In which locations are your LED Wall rentals available?

Our LED cube rental services are available throughout Europe. With our storage locations and partnerships, we can provide fast and efficient delivery, setup, and support for LED cube rentals in any European city.

Are Outdoor LED modules waterproof?

Yes, our outdoor rental LED cube are waterproof and designed for a use in various weather conditions.